Richadoharisu Malfunction

tenor voice, rhodes piano, & electronics
performance by Michael Costagliola and Alex Kruckman
"I said to them, how are you going to do the voice of God?... and I said no, it's very simple, you're not going to have an Orson Welles-ian voice or Charlton Heston voice or Olivier voice, please don't do that, echo chambers... It must be [the character's own] voice, simplistically done, not done through echo chambers. And the reality of it is that too... If you pray, it is God, and if God answers you, it is in your own voice.

He says, 'Richard Harris, you are misbehaving.'"
During an interview with Charlie Rose, Richard Harris described the impact of his own religious beliefs and interactions on the processing and treatment of God's voice in the movie Abraham. Richadoharisu Malfunction extrapolates Harris' premise: if the untreated voice is the voice of God, a processed voice posing as God must be the work of the devil. Harris' own troubles make his mind the ideal site for a battle between two such entities, God and imposter fighting to sway his decisions. They speak to him with his own words, cut up, distorted, rearranged, dragging him back and forth between faith and pleasure.