Omaggio a Berberian

tape piece
Omaggio a Berberian is a musical reconstruction of Luciano Berio's vocal-based tape works, Thema: Omaggio a Joyce and Visage. The piece aims to reassemble the Berio works using feature-matched feedback loops, while maintaining a similar conceptual structure to Thema: Omaggio a Joyce at the phrase level. Through a series of feedback-looped transformations, spoken words are morphed into pitched syncopations and abstract soundscapes. The restructuring is intended to present the tape manipulations in a new light, stripped of their immediately recognizable nature by obscuring their inherent gestures and emphasizing their tonal and timbral qualities. The audio processes are executed in Max/MSP using Michael Casey's Soundspotter~ software, a feature-based musical sequence retrieval system. A feedback loop consisting of two soundspotters and an input excitation track generates the newly rearranged music.