‎12 ‎Drones of Christmas

Holiday LP
The biggest American holidays are generally idealized as not only celebratory occasions, but also opportunities for reflection on our blessings and well-being. We are urged to remember that, whatever our own troubles, there are always those in the world whose situation is much worse than our own. Rarely, though, are we encouraged to consider how our own situations are improved not only relative to others, but actually at their expense.
12 Drones of Christmas was created to encourage and facilitate contemplation of the hardships caused by the US drone program. While the use of drones may give us an increased sense of security, the program undeniably instills fear and inflicts damage on innocent people caught in the wrong parts of the world. Indeed, this constant threat of unforeseen destruction imparted by drones is entirely antithetical to their ostensible purpose as a tool against terrorism.
The album contains twelve long-form pieces derived from Christmas carols and various recorded statements on the use of drones. The pieces are not intended to convey any particular messages in and of themselves, but are given rather to act as spaces for self-reflection on the ethical dilemmas posed by this subject. The involved issues are myriad and complex and all require considerable examination, but I would ask that particular thought be given to the effects of this policy on people who almost never factor into our daily lives. At Christmas and throughout the year, we must consider the price that others pay for the sense of American safety.